About The Artist

As an animal portrait artist, I've been honored with over a decade of success drawing and painting the animals in your life. I'm driven to capture not only a likeness, but the "true self" of an animal with my artwork. This ability is what matters to those who love their pets, and is the difference between seeing an animal on a page, and feeling its' presence. I draw not only from photos, but from stories, and love hearing what makes each animal unique. I've found over the years that these details are often more important in conveying their spirit than those actually on the paper.

Primarily, I specialize in equine and canine portraiture, but love drawing all species. I'm constantly inspired by the unique role animals play in our lives and the deep love their human companions feel towards them. 

I'm experienced and creative within many mediums, including charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor and digital. A portion of all profits from commissioned portraits are donated to my favorite equine and canine non-profits.